The Shops of Miami Circle Market Center

Miami Circle is a top resource for both the interior designer and retail customer alike.

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Over 60 Showrooms

Miami Circle provides an incredible selection of complementary shops to suit all of your d├ęcor needs.

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A World of Opportunities

From antique to contemporary, old to new, Miami Circle provides a world of opportunities.

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A Street Like No Other.

Everyone knows the devil is in the detail. Come see for yourself the level of detail Miami Circle Shops can accommodate.

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Showroom Directory

With over 60 showrooms on the street, The Shops of Miami Circle will surely meet all your decor needs.

Fine Art at its Finest

Miami Circle boasts some of the best art galleries in Atlanta.

Always Something!

It's not all business on The Street. Check our "What's New" page often for the latest happenings.

Come Explore!

The Shops of Miami Circle are truly one of Atlanta's top shopping destinations. Come get acquainted.

Miami Circle is always my first destination for a new client. The sheer breadth and variety of the inventory is worth the trip, but the expertise of the shop owners is what keeps me coming back. -- an Atlanta Designer