Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 26th , 6 – 9 pm

March 25th – April 30th


Bill Lowe Gallery presents Poet of a Threatened Eden, a comprehensive survey of works by American multi-disciplinary artist, Frank Hyder. Hyder is best known for his use of cinematic devices to create a mysterious, metaphysical reality of intense light and shade, where forms appear and dissolve, moving the viewer to dream with eyes open – to feel without touching, and to feel touched by the very experience of seeing. Hyder’s works depict a ceremonial reverence for nature, and function as reliquaries which facilitate emotional bonds to the natural world – a world that is often forgotten, ignored, and abused.


“Hyder’s interpretations of the crossing points between cultures and natural environment and the way in which he has materialized them in materials and concepts contributing to the development of an awareness and a sensitivity that is closer, but at the same time more universal, to the world as habitat for the human being.”

– Sofia Imber


As our world has grown ever more congested by population explosion, industrial/technological contamination and destruction of habitats, cohabitation with us by other species has become increasingly strained. Each day, a timeless equilibrium is further disrupted. We move closer and closer to a breaking point. The historic works in this exhibition serve as a clarion call to remind us that there is a reasonable path to restoring balance.