On Exhibition through December 31, 2016

Maggie Hasbrouck at Bill Lowe Gallery

Maggie Hasbrouck at Bill Lowe Gallery

Bill Lowe Gallery presents an exhibition of recent photo-encaustic paintings by nationally-acclaimed American painter, Maggie Hasbrouck at 764 Miami Circle NE, Suite 210 in Atlanta.

In this latest body of work, Hasbrouck has returned to themes that have captivated her audience for decades.

Maggie Hasbrouck first rose to prominence in the
early 1990’s when her cinematic and hauntingly beautiful images captured the imagination of the international arts community. Hasbrouck’s signature combination of media was a convergence of black and white photography – painted with luminous oil paint and covered in dense, rich encaustic layers and lustrous varnishes. The subject matter was amplified by an enigmatic light source and compelling compositional devices that channeled the European Old Masters.

Over the years, Hasbrouck’s technical virtuosity, coupled with her ability to distill complex themes to simple, enduringly elegant imagery attracted the attention of many top collectors – often those involved in creative fields, ranging from Sir Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, John Legend and Courtney Cox to a multitude of art enthusiasts from every walk of life. It is fair to say that Maggie has been one of the foremost artists in the southern United States for almost three decades.

Her introduction to the West Coast collector community in the early 2000’s heralded a new level of critical, curatorial and collector support for her work. Her dramatic depictions of the beauty of flowers – often single blooms – at the apex of their decadency evolved into a generation of images that embraced an exploration of the creativity and imaginations of children. Maggie has expanded the scope of materials she employs to include shattered/ground glass embedded in the encaustic overlay to add still more shimmer and mystery to her exquisite imagery.

Bill Lowe Gallery
764 Miami Circle, Suite 210
Atlanta, GA  30324