Pryor Fine Art

Pryor Fine Art stands for art well and passionately made.

Pryor represents more than 70 exceptional artists, carefully selected from emerging and established talents across the U.S. Demand for the work of its artists has made the gallery a state- and nationwide destination for fine art. Top designers throughout the country source Pryor for commercial clients and for private collections each year. Centrally located on Miami Circle in Atlanta, Pryor Fine Art is a must-visit for art lovers in the area.

The quality and breadth of the art at Pryor makes it distinctive. The gallery’s artists span schools of abstract and representational painting and sculpture, displaying works in a range of expressive styles, and engaging with traditions from Abstract Expressionism to portraiture. The wide variety of artwork at Pryor reflects the gallery’s unique curatorial vision—defined by technical mastery and depth of feeling. A diverse group of artists has become a unified, cohesive family under the striking aesthetics and emotional authenticity they all share.

Since 1990, gallery owner Susie Pryor has cultivated a luxurious and welcoming environment for art viewing. Pryor’s first space in Atlanta, Bennett Street Gallery, brought her respect and recognition over 20 successful years at the original location. In 2010, Pryor renamed her gallery, and in 2011, moved into the 5,700-square-foot modern space that houses Pryor Fine Art today. A visit to the gallery, which is staffed by knowledgeable, committed art professionals, promises to be a captivating experience.

“An exceptional work of art will have a voice, it will draw me in, evoke an emotion, and bring forth something unknown, never before touched or understood.” – Susie Pryor

764 Miami Circle
Atlanta, GA  30324

ph: 404.352.8775


Monday through Friday
10am – 5pm

11am – 5pm


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