Stone Décor

Stone Décor is a leading importer of fine marble, providing unique varieties of quality natural stone works from all over the world. As an industry leader among architects, designers and homeowners, Stone Décor has provided superb quality products and personalized customer service across the country for nearly 20 years.

Stone Décor also caters to custom designed stone projects, welcoming special requests and providing the ability to work with architectural drawings to make your unique vision come to life.

747 Miami Circle
Atlanta, GA  30324

ph: 404-848-9484


Monday through Saturday
9am – 5pm

The selection of items include a wide variety of exquisite and distinctive natural stone, such as…

Jerusalem Stone
French Limestone
Italian Marble
Brazilian Slate
Italian and Turkish Travertine
Glass and Tile Mosaics
Italian Terracotta
Porcelain Tile

Custom mantles and architectural pieces, include…
Table Tops
Table Bases