Tired of seeing the same designs in all the stores?

Longing for a one-of-a-kind piece to make a statement?


Painted French Cabinet from J. Tribble

Painted French Cabinet from J. Tribble

In addition to their Signature Sink Bases and custom cabinetry, J. Tribble have received a new shipment of European antiques to be sold as is or they can convert to truly unique sink bases.

Most of the cabinets are from France and all are circa 1900 or before.  They are beautiful pieces in their own right, or they can be transformed into an antique vanity that you will not see in any store.

J. Tribble’s long history of selling beautiful custom pieces now extends to repurposing antique treasures for modern homes.

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Sink bases from J. Tribble have proven to be a valuable asset for designers with a discerning eye, and for homeowners looking for something truly distinctive. They take it a step further with custom cabinetry  – a venture that started with wet bars and kitchens and quickly branched out into furniture for homes and offices, including bookcases, desks, linen cabinets, hutches and vanities.